IX-7 offers a new and simple way for everyone to achieve their investment objectives.

The idea for IX-7 was born in 2004, after a very productive meeting with Victor, one of our best clients. Victor was not satisfied in simply choosing investment funds to invest in, rather his approach was to select a range of strong performing stocks and work with them with perseverance over time. Together we identified investment opportunities based on strong long term investment trends and transactions were carried out with the support of simple alerts.

It was during this time that we laid the foundations for the fundamental attitudes of the IX-7 approach: realize benefits regularly and set up a stop-loss procedure for each operation – a protocol that we still follow to the letter today.

In 2007, we reviewed and redesigned our approach to analysis. From now on, technical analysis of a share price would determine the best period of purchase or sale. Over time we continuously improved the process of selecting technical criteria; always with a view to improving the efficiency of the independent asset manager; seeking the best for his clients. However, the ultimate objective was highly ambitious: to take advantage of fundamental research and combine it with technical and trend analysis - representing the psychological component of the market – and thereby create a powerful more informative and targeted form of analysis.

At this point the process was computerized and a sequential algorithm employed to analyze the current and last prices of each selected share as well as price and profit adjustments (EPS) provided by analysts. It was now possible to determine more precisely the price level and best moment for purchase or sale. The result was unexpected: good performance and ease of use.

In 2011, a new idea was born: Why not make this stock trading solution and trend analysis tool available to as many people as possible? IX-7 was created and it now offers everyone, private and professional, a new approach to finance and the opportunity to invest in the real economy with confidence.

iX-7 Asset Management SA, access to financial information is a right. Knowledge is power.