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A sensible approach to asset management

It is well known that because of personal biases or a limited understanding of the complex process, investors often have difficulty setting up a full-fledged asset management strategy on their own.

With that in mind, let us explain our framework for building your target portfolio, and how it all works.

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iX-7 Asset Management SA, your investment partner.

The success of your personalized asset management strategy is based on finding the asset allocation that will result in a target wealth accumulation, at the level of risk with which you are comfortable.

Proceed with the following:
  1. Decide upon your required benefits
  2. Evaluate the hypothetical risk you are willing to take
  3. Establish milestones to meet as the plan progresses.

What we offer: A full-fledged wealth management strategy

iX-7 Asset Management SA monitors selected companies through a number of key ratios, employing the following analyses:

  • Fundamental analyses
  • Investment trend analyses
  • Similarity analyses

Each security of a company is evaluated within the context of all relevant market information (top-down and bottom-up). Evaluating companies over various periods provides a historical perspective and reveals continuity.

Based on your investment guidelines, this information is put into context and assembled into a customised wealth management strategy. This strategy provides you with expertise on target investment trends, portfolio rebalancing, and risk management.

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We start growing your assets

In today’s complex investing environment, we transform knowledge to your advantage.

iX-7 Asset Management SA delivers global market coverage and expert services. To help you achieve your investment goals, we offer and execute strategic mandates.

Our core services include the following:
  • Fully integrated asset management solutions based on secular growth trends
  • Customized solutions to meet your portfolio requirements
  • Single point-of-entry analysis for all equities

Discover customizable products and services to support your specific objectives.

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Value-added services

With the web platform, you get full transparency. Via our online portal, you gain access to analytical tools, street view, etc.

  • Comprehensive reporting solutions for your strategy
  • Country, industry, and sector analyses
  • Easy-to-use dashboard analyses with real-time data

  • In-depth, customised consulting engagements with thoughts on critical topics and upcoming challenges
  • Open discussions on all aspects of investments, including product choices and direction
  • Family style office environment

iX-7 Asset Management SA, access to financial information is a right. Knowledge is power.