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Let us clear the fog by creating your personalized investment profile.

In this section we help you to clarify your investment profile, by answering the questions
  • What type of investor are you?
  • How you will achieve your objectives?

What you need to do:

Completing your profile will allow us to suggest the best possible portfolio combination to achieve your goals.

Have we been able to clear some of the fog?

How much can you invest in the stock market?

The financial prioritiser below will help you evaluate the maximum amount you have available for investment by determining the current financial allocations of your available assets.

Private fortune

Investable assets, not including properties & collections


Salary and investment revenue(s)

Fundamental needs

Rent, food, insurances, transportation, mortgages, supplemental pensions etc.

Socialization needs

Club memberships, cultural activities, restaurants, holidays, other needs etc.

Other items


Available amount for investments


What type of investor are you?

The questions below will help determine your risk profile so we can suggest the portfolios and subscription type that best meets your needs.

Do you take risks?

No To some extent Yes

Are you a self-directed investor?

No To some extent Yes

How familiar are you with the financial markets and equities?

Not familiar Very familiar

What is your investment strategy?

Income Mixed Growth

Available amount for investments
(Amount from the “Financial requirements” tab)
You may change this amount manually as required.


What our online advisory service can do for you

Portfolio construction
  • Plan strategic allocation suited to your requirements
  • Create diversification in terms of regions, sectors, and currencies, eliminating over-exposure
  • Focus on companies and product selections enabling long-term capital appreciation

Portfolio management
  • Run performance reports to identify eventual rebalancing opportunities
  • Provide insight into emerging opportunities through investment reviews
  • Monitor companies with strong performances expectations to trigger strategic investment decisions

Research & expertise
  • Provide investment expertise and commentary on relevant companies to support your decision-making process
  • Interpret of historic data sets in today’s context

What investment risks am I undertaking and can I take corrective action?

In this section, we provide more information to help you understand your investments. We also highlight some factors for you to consider, including your obligations as an investor.

Please take a moment to read this valuable information, and do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.

KYI = Know your investments

At iX-7 Asset Management SA we believe investors must always know their investments and understand the businesses they invest in.

Today, as in the past, risk and investments are interdependent: an investment always has both a specific risk (linked to the company) and a natural risk (linked to the market) which take into account the uncertainty of economic activity.

Although risk is everywhere, we believe that our class of active equities represent the lowest hazard for the years to come thanks to our transparent web based solution. With iX-7 Asset Management SA speculation is reduced because our investment style is not to match or replicate an index, but is more traditional and achieved through the precise screening of companies and equities. iX-7 Asset Management SA’ system offers you the opportunity to invest in specific equities, each of which can be evaluated closely; there is always a direct link with the company’s economic activity and your returns; unlike some other financial instruments currently available on the market.

The investment risk is continuously managed in an active manner through constantly and regularly assessing profits. Our flexible, proactive, direct and transparent investment style allows us to act promptly to changing forecasts and market sentiment. As a result, the average volatility of our portfolios are below market average and portfolio drawdowns are at the low end.

At iX-7 Asset Management SA transparency is critical. We intend to become a leading role model in wealth management both through our investment model and technology solution, which enables us to deliver transparent service to our clients.

iX-7 Asset Management SA does not analyse structured products such as hedge funds and funds of hedge funds, as these instruments are not transparent enough, too expensive and too risky given today’s market conditions. However should you wish to invest in a more diversified manner, iX-7 Asset Management SA does make available the analysis results from a selected number of exchange traded investment funds and/or index tracking instruments.

In addition, information regarding our executive remuneration system and own interests, if any, will be easily available, upon request, for all of our clients to see so you can rest assured that we are working for you.

Investor protection

The protection of your capital is a major component of your investment strategy and our service to you. In order to achieve this we focus on a plain vanilla strategy, meaning a long position which can be gradually increased and decreased over time, without any leverage.

The rules and procedures we adhere to, particularly the MiFID rules, aim to strengthen the investor's protection by providing strict guidelines for the management of assets by institutions, independent asset managers and related service providers. For a copy of these rules and procedures please refer to: http://ec.europa.eu/internal_market/securities/isd/mifid_en.htm.

Responsibilities of the investor

iX-7 Asset Management SA offers you knowledge and state-of-the-art market analyses which gives you the option and power to decide your next move on an unbiased basis.

iX-7 Asset Management SA puts you back in control. You:

  • Regain your decision-making power and the ability to control where your money goes
  • Will realize your goals, whether they be short-term or long-term in nature
  • Enter into a close “Investor-Enterprise” relationship. You will be transparently linked directly to companies and their progress rather than investing through many intermediaries.

Nevertheless as an independent investor, which you are, you have the following duties and obligations:

  • To identify your maximum available amount for investment in equities
  • To verify your current financial ability to cover your immediate needs as well as your medium and long-term liabilities
  • To identify your investment risk profile
  • To read and consider the KYI « Know your investments » section above
  • To create your list of preferred/selected investments (this may be a combination of preselected portfolios or combination of individual holdings)
  • To carefully consider the returns sought versus the risks undertaken
  • To identify any local rules and procedures and ensure that you comply accordingly

Take corrective action

We recommend that you regularly review the following:

  • Objectives and goals: verify whether they still match your initial plans
  • Investment parameters: verify you are satisfied with the cost/benefit ratio
  • Appreciation: that you still understand the company’s business model and business activity

We strongly advise that you seek additional advice and not undertake any investments prior to obtaining clarification on any questions of concern.

Important: iX-7 Asset Management SA assumes that you have acquainted yourself with the companies you prefer to invest in and that you understand their business activity, business model and the specific downside risks they face. iX-7 Asset Management SA does not provide you with any company description and activity reports. We solely provide comparative data analysis and issue buy and sell alerts.

Meanwhile, enjoy the market! One of these days, the risk will be dispelled and you will benefit from a real rally. The world is a decent place to be.

iX-7 Asset Management SA, access to financial information is a right. Knowledge is power.