Features of PLACITUM

PLACITUM will help you every step of the way with substantial investment and technology features, and the credentials and distinctives to back them up.

Investment Features:
  • Risk analysis
  • Reliable and independent data
  • Access to key financial information
  • A large selection of investment themes, based on strong secular growth trends
  • Security selection based upon historic performance patterns, intrinsic value, outlook, and media perception

Technology Features:

PLACITUM’s Credentials and Distinctives:
  • Developed and optimized in Switzerland
  • The only web-based financial application offering the combined results of fundamental and technical analysis
  • The backtesting facility allows investors to obtain past results of their investment strategies, with full transparency
  • More than 25 investment themes available, developed using three investment orientations to maximize investors’ diversification options
  • Investment themes matched to your individual risk profile

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Investment functionalities
  • Recalculates data every 2 minutes
  • Simultaneously monitors more than 1,900 securities
  • Provides individual asset management strategies
  • Maintains full discretionary management strategies
  • Sustains a solid track record: 70% positive return probability
  • Positions you to begin strong, with more than 25 investment themes ready for immediate use

Technical functionalities
  • Runs 24/7
  • Operates more than 500,000 analyses a day
  • Provides comparative analyses and numerous reporting tools
  • Offers interactive drag-and-drop workspaces
  • Delivers choices for analyses (growth, value, momentum, risk metrics)


Below we introduce the financial elements included in PLACITUM
  • Display the financial analysis tools
  • Display all of the investment themes
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