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Information delivered too late is of no value.

However, timely delivery of valuable advice and information is advantageous. Timely delivery of investment data and guidance is precisely what our system was developed to do, and to do well.

Our Commitment to You

You expect top-quality recommendations and strategies; we deliver. One of our key values is putting you first, without conflict of interest or compromise.


Our focus is on one single asset class—equities. Deep insight, expertise, discipline, and meticulous attention to details provide you with long-term benefits.


We all work for the same ultimate goal–our clients. Our aim is to help you make the right decisions to meet your objectives.

Monetary benefits:
  • Reduce costs to improve profitability
  • Increase efficiency and flexibility
  • Benefit from economies of scale

Defined contribution:
  • Our multi-layered approach to investment theme oversight empowers you to make smarter investment decisions
  • Access to our extensive database, with timely updates, serves as a springboard for new products and services
  • Transform your ideas into sustainable investment themes, and have them back-tested

Our concept

We walk you
through the banking
technology disruption

Get a solution to your concerns

Today’s business leaders have multiple roles and competing priorities. You want a best-in-class equity allocation in a particular field, but may be unsure how to get started, obtain expertise, and follow up.

You need a provider focused solely on the specific secular growth trends that are aligned with your needs and goals. We are fully committed to your requirements and those of your clients, and to the ongoing delivery of performance.

iX-7 Asset Management SA is singularly committed to equity investing. We expertly identify smart, enduring and reliable strategies, with a focus of delivering lasting performance for our clients. You can count on our expertise to ease any uncertainty you have managing your required investment approach. Our process is engineered to empower you and your employees to pursue your primary objectives.

Key benefits to you
  • Have confidence in your investment plan
  • Understand your costs upfront
  • Keep your focus on growing your business, not researching investments


We know that as a business owner, you are cost-conscious–we would expect nothing less. That’s why we clearly outline both the benefits of iX-7 Asset Management SA and the cost to you. Studies show that plan expenses tend to be higher for strategies with a lower amount under management, while the cost structure levels out for mandates with higher amounts. In response, we provide our services though two access plans.

Advantages to you:
  • Business costs evolve in a clearly defined structure
  • A traditional commission structure is applied for assets up to CHF 25 Mio.; above this amount, a flat fee is charged for the full services provided
  • You and your clients gain access to both our reporting tool and dashboard analyses
  • The opportunity to direct your investment theme or to choose from over 25 established strategies

iX-7 Asset Management SA, access to financial information is a right. Knowledge is power.