PLACITUM Subscriptions

Our web application is available through the PLACITUM subscription groups at 3 levels:

  • Hephaos
  • Hebeos
  • Ilitheos

At each level, the number of securities monitored, the manner of composing your selection, and the number of analyses available vary. Select the most appropriate subscription to meet your requirements and goals.

Compare and explore your all options here.

Ilitheos provides a complete and fully-automated individual asset management solution. It includes the identification of your personal needs and requirements, asset allocation, market diagnosis, buy and sell signals, and the implementation of trades. With Ilitheos, direct access to the marketplace can be activated and trades automatically settled, with proceeds forwarded to a number of depository banks located in Switzerland.

Very Dynamic

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Tailor made strategie
  • Cutting edge investment management technology
  • Fully-automated upon request
  • Up to 2,000 companies under management
  • All reporting modules provided
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Institutional offer

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For asset managers,  fund mangement companies, etc.
  • Web service based offer
  • Protocol: XML and +
  • Price: Starting at:
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